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The spirit of GalileoMobile is to teach through experience, interaction and induction in a playful way. We use the visual power of astronomical images and hands-on activities to learn by experimenting, asking questions to the pupils and helping them to deduce logical explanations by themselves. Our hands-on experiments mostly rely on low-cost materials and resources to demonstrate that science is accessible to everyone, and that the sky is a free and precious resource for all to learn from.

This teaching spirit is well-captured in our Handbook of Activities, regrouping 20 practical activities on different topical categories (stars, solar system, optics etc.) compiled from various educational sources, translated and adapted to a common format. Each conveys one physical concept through a game or an experiment, while providing the background theoretical framework.

Our activities can be performed with both primary and secondary education students, and comprise night- and day-time observations as well. The activities were initially developed during the early phases of our first expedition to South America in 2009, and have been widely improved based on the experience of the team in the expeditions undertaken since and the application of inquiry-based educational techniques.
Exploring the Galileoscope in Uganda

Creating planets in India

Assembling a giant puzzle of the Moon in Chile