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"In the Land of Beauty" is the account of the journey GalileoMobile did in 2013, In the Land of Beauty project, across southern Uganda, between Kampala and Mbale, two of its main cities. The travel lasted 15 days, during which there was the chance to visit five schools and perform hands-on games and activities to explain the cosmos. This documentary tells also about stories of integration and acceptance between different ethnicities, cultures and beliefs as well as discussions on the relation between science and religion.

Through the words of many promising students, as well as of local teachers, this documentary is a glimpse on Uganda and its education system and provides a viewpoint on the importance of sharing astronomy.

The movie is available with English, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles, and features an original soundtrack that you can listen to in our SoundColud.

Directed by Domenico Zàzzara and Maria Serena Borghini.