What is GalileoMobile?      
GalileoMobile is a non-profit, itinerant, science education initiative that brings modern astronomy closer to young people around the world, with emphasis in regions that have little or no access to other outreach actions. The initiative was created in late 2008 inspired by the International Year of Astronomy 2009 (IYA2009) and is currently run by a crazy bunch of astronomers, educators, and science communicators.

The team organises workshops for teachers and hands-on astronomy-related activities for students in schools and villages to foster a will of learning and critical thinking through the exciting wonders of our Universe, and to inspire a sense of global citizenship "under the same sky" by promoting a cultural exchange. To encourage follow-up activities we also donate to each school visited a Galileoscope or You are Galileo! telescope, a copy of our Handbook of activities, a UNAWE Earthball, and other educational material (see Expeditions for details).

In GalileoMobile's first project the team travelled across the high plateau of the Andes in the north of Chile, Bolivia, and Peru during October and November 2009. Since then, GalileoMobile has been to Bolivia (2012)India (2012), Uganda (2013), Bolivia and Brazil (2014), and Colombia (2014). Inspired by our expeditions, some of our team members have also carried out activities in Portugal, Nepal, United States, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Guatemala.